Fly O'Clock


 Take on the epic challenge where time is your enemy! Jump over the clock hands and try not to get hit otherwise it's GAME OVER. Players get 1 minute for every jump. Every 15 minutes there's a Ticket  Fiesta where the faster you jump, the more tickets you win. Time is always against you so hurry up and go the full 60 minutes, and the ticket bonus will be your reward.

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  • Single or two players mode
  • Frantic, fun gameplay encourages players to come back again and again!
  • Fly solo or against your wingman
  • Exciting “ticket fiesta” feature
  • Simple one-touch mechanic
  • Unique flytastic graphics
  • Giant alarm clock theme
  • Brightly illuminated 
  • 55” full hd display
  • Video
  • Redemption
Manuals & Information Sheets
Assembled Dimensions


Depth Width Height Weight
Metric 88cm 135cm 294cm 200kg
Imperial 35″ 53″ 116″ 441lbs
Shipping Dimensions


Metric DepthWidthHeightWeight
Shipping x 1 96cm 116cm 238cm 200kg
Imperial DepthWidthHeightWeight
Shipping x 1 38″ 46″ 94″ 441lbs
Fly O'Clock

Fly O'Clock

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