House of the Dead 4


HOTD - 4 introduces a great many new features while maintaining the overall feel of the HOTD franchise.

A new weapon. Your main weapon is a modified version of sub-machine gun.

New reload technique. A simple shake of your sub-machine gun delivers a new clip of rounds. With all those Zombies, you won't want to run out of bullets.

Hand Grenade. Push the button on the side of your sub-machine gun and watch your character toss a fragmentation grenade at the enemy. You'll want to save them for when the crush of Zombies is too much to drive back with your sub-machine gun.

Gun Shaking Combat. If a Zombie gets hold of you, shake your sub-machine gun and wiggle free. You'll momentarily stun the Zombie giving you a short window of time to reload and fire!

Two violence and blood settings let operators go from mild to extreme gaining greater location and community acceptance.

Sega   2 Player     Archived  

  • 2 player zombie action game
  • Video
  • Shoot 'em Up
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House Of The Dead 4

House Of The Dead 4

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