Plants vs. Zombies™ 42"


Plants vs. Zombies™, developed by PopCap® Games the creators of the top puzzle game Bejeweled®, is coming to the arcade! Sega's Plants vs. Zombies™ The Last Stand puts the player at the control of a cabinet-mounted Peashooter that fires peas - yes, peas - to stop advancing waves of zombies. If any zombie crosses the players "last line of defense," the game is over. As zombies are destroyed, tickets are paid out. If all Zombie Waves are destroyed, the player wins the bonus.

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  • Ticket redemption
  • 42" LCD screen
  • Sunflower seat
  • 10 gardens to defend
  • Fun unlocks to discover
  • LED-lit Peashooter controller
  • Optional capsule vend
  • Video
  • Redemption
  • Licenced Games
Manuals & Information Sheets
Assembled Dimensions


Depth Width Height
Metric 189cm 110cm 240cm
Imperial 75″ 44″ 95″
Shipping Dimensions
Metric DepthWidthHeight
Shipping x 1 78cm 150cm 213cm
Imperial DepthWidthHeight
Shipping x 1 31″ 59″ 84″
Plants vs Zombies™ The Last Stand

Plants vs Zombies™ The Last Stand

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