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Rambo DLX is a gun shooting game based on the worldwide hit, "Rambo" series, following Rambo's history of rage; "First Blood- Protecting His Dignity", "Rambo: First Blood Part 2- Protecting POW's" and "Rambo 3- Protecting His Best Friend". In order to fully express the world Rambo creates, the game incorporates computer graphics and real movie pictures, and the woofer sound effect will give the player the cinematic feeling while playing.

Use the machine gun and defeat the enemies! Shoot the enemies and enemy helicopters and become the ultimate warrior Rambo. The realistic look and feel of the machine gun along with the recoil action will give the player a true action experience as if they are actually in the movie. There are various types of enemies so the player is challenged to decipher which weapon will cause the most damage. The attack gauge above the enemies will allow players to know which enemies will attack, for when the gauge is full they will shoot. Identify the enemy and defeat them instantly!

Convert the anger of Rambo into ultimate power with the "Rage Mode". The Rage Meter fills up when enemies are defeated quickly. Press the button on the side of the machine gun to release the "Rage" for intensified power and speed! When the "Rage" is released at MAX power, enemy attacks do no harm, and the "Rage Meter" stays at MAX when continuing the game.

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  • 2 player action adventure 
  • Real footage from the movies
  • Video
  • Shoot 'em Up
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