Robin Hood


ICE worked in conjunction with GameWax on this video redemption game themed after the famous English folklore hero, known for his highly-skilled archery. Players will be tested on their hand-eye coordination as they try to achieve enough points, while aiming for the bulls eyes, to win tickets (a play-for-fun mode is also available). In the first round players are trying to hit moving targets, in which points are translated into tickets. Once a player has completed the first round, they have the option to risk half of their tickets, and show their sharpened skills, by entering the Super Bonus Round to win the ticket jackpot. The Super Bonus can be rewarding: as hundreds upon hundreds of tickets could be won! But winning is much easier said than done: in the finale, players will need to have their bow split an apple, with wind and distance, causing issues. The game features a durable laminated plywood cabinet, with a crystal clear 32" horizontally mounted LCD screen. The animated medieval theme makes this game suitable for all ages. Players will test their skills in this multi-round archery game, firing the realistic-looking crossbow at various moving targets to win tickets!

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  • Laminated plywood cabinet
  • Crystal clear 32" horizontally mounted LCD screen
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Redemption
  • Redemption
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Depth Width Height Weight
Metric 150cm 97cm 234cm 196kg
Imperial 59″ 38″ 92″
ICE's Robin Hood

ICE's Robin Hood

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