EMEA News: Get that Golden return with Gold Fishin‘

The “Skill Wall” grows again with the addition of yet another fantastic carnival classic redemption game Gold Fishin'. Debuting in Europe, at last month’s EAG International, Gold Fishin' continues in the footsteps of last year’s hit redemption game Down the Clown and its predecessor Milk Jug Toss, all developed and manufactured by the world’s leading redemption game manufacturer ICE.

The demand for games with distinctive game play that is both different to what’s available on the home console and unique in the arcade has always been high. Gold Fishin' satisfies this market gap by bringing all the fun of the classic carnival game to the arcade. The game is intriguing, intuitive and fun as players try to toss the ping pong balls into the 49 LED lit fishbowls. Players quickly adapt to the game and try out new skills attempting everything from bouncing the ball off of the deck, to dunking or just grabbing a bunch of balls and tossing them in the air in the hope that some land in the fishbowls. It’s this part that challenges the player to try new techniques and provide instant gratification when the technique works, making the game truly fun.

Gold Fishin' also encourages multiple player participation by introducing a wider playfield. This actively encourages parents to play alongside their children and share the experience. While some may see this as cheating the result, in cash box terms it shows just the opposite. Players that team up play over and over again to achieve the highest possible score together.

Another distinct difference with Gold Fishin' is that it offers value for money to the player by releasing in the region of 36 to 40 balls through the game which are continuously returned back to the player as long as the game is running. This makes the player feel satisfied that they have had multiple opportunities to get the bonus, yet players want to play again as they can feel their skill level increase with each attempt.

A clever way to increase income even further in the arcade would be to adopt the popular “ Skill Wall ” format placing other skill games next to each other, such as ICE Ball FX , Whack N Win, Milk Jug Toss, Down the Clown and Gold Fishin'. This gives players the choice to test out their skill at all these games, thus increasing both dwell time and overall spend.