EMEA News: Sega Have Mega EAG!

With the strongest line up of product in the industry right now and a booth that everyone said was ‘best at show’ Sega are rightly pleased with themselves after a record breaking EAG. Having relocated themselves from their traditional position in the back corner of the hall to a back central location they took pride of place for all to see as they entered the hall – lured by the lights of the pan European launch of Showdown in its Special Attraction format.

Presenting a new style booth layout and design General Manager Justin Burke explained “we had clearly defined areas showing off redemption including a special feature area for the ‘ICE Skill Wall’, video including the new supersized 80” Transformer, novelty and dedicated features for Sega Total Solutions and Sega Prize Europe; the latter launching the latest product in its popular Tokio range, a “Selfie Stick”.

Burke continued “it was a great sight to see visitors walking through the centre of our booth and just being absorbed into the world of Sega! With so much to look at across so many genres dwell time on booth was high”. Undoubtedly the first showing of Showdown with its 4 deluxe motion car format, 65” LED HD screens and signature multi-coloured LED lit surround marquee was a massive draw. Its unique racing modes including ‘Demolition Derby’ and ‘Knock Out’ coupled with breakthrough technologies never seen before in the amusement sector will secure Showdown’s place in video history.

The other big hot spot on the Sega stand was the ‘ICE Skill Wall’; the skill wall comprises a line up ‘carnival classics’ and was first demonstrated on the Sega booth in 2014. Burke extolled its virtues, “operators saw the first skill wall at EAG last year and wanted it in their own locations, it’s caught on really fast with more and more operators adopting it. This year it was surprising how many people came and said ‘I’ve come to see the Skill Wall’ and in particular ‘Down the Clown’ which was the number one redemption game of 2014”. The reputation of that game based on its outstanding performance in 2014 led Sega to sell more in the three days of the show than in all 2014, “and we sold a heck of a lot last year…incredible is the only word for that game” said Burke.

The newest addition to that skill wall was “Gold Fishin’” presented in a gorgeous cabinet with 49 lit LED fishbowls for player to bounce ping pong ball into – providing another great skill game for all age ranges in the family.

The front of the Sega booth showed off ‘Kung Fu Panda’ based on the DreamWorks licence; with a new film imminent from this massive brand the game has proven a hit at all trade shows exhibited so far. The impressive show piece cabinet based on a Chinese pagoda features six ‘pads’ for the player to hit in timing with the onscreen Panda character, successful players can progress to second and third levels.

‘Going big’ was clearly in the minds of the developers this year as two of last year’s Sega hits received a boost with extra-large screens; Transformers the highest earning video of 2014 was treated to an 80” screen, the largest on any video game to date, and Plants vs Zombies redemption was presented in a 60” version.

An enthused Burke concluded that “we are on fire right now with our product range! Whilst the ratio of international to domestic visitors had shifted in favour of domestic at this years show, I take that as a clear sign of the confidence of the UK operator on the back of a great season last year and the desire to invest in product that is proven and going to stand the test of time”.