EMEA News: STS Enjoys Success At EAG

Sega Total Solutions (STS) were very happy with the business achieved at EAG International exhibition last month. Peter Murphy General manager of STS explained that “this exhibition is usually a good way for us to discuss with our existing and future customers all aspects of our business, which was until recent years the supply of Sega dedicated parts and service.”

Recently STS has grown the business with a range of third party products along with redemption tickets, change machines and the Galileo ticket eater.

To this end Murphy said “we were extremely pleased with the volume of business taken at this year’s exhibition, with redemption tickets and change machines being the main source of sales.”

Murphy added “we are very delighted, that our main customers of redemption tickets chose to stay loyal to STS, we also picked up a considerable amount of new business on tickets. We can only put this down to the superior quality of the ticket and the level of service we provide.”

It was also encouraging to see the number new customers ordering the CM1, 2p and 10p change machines. These machines have proved to be very reliable and can been see throughout the UK in numerous locations.

“All in all it was a very good experience for STS” concluded Murphy.

For more information contact your STS sales representative on +44 (0) 208 391 8060.