Epic line up of Sonic games at IAAPA 2015

Newly named Sega Amusements International will present an epic line-up of Sonic games for visitors to this year‘s IAAPA. Sega‘s booth 1606 will feature an impressive mix of six Sonic-branded games, including the launch of redemption titles Sonic Dash Extreme and Sonic Blast Ball.

With 2016 being the year of, the iconic mascot Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th birthday, it is the perfect time to celebrate with these two games – one video redemption and the other a fast paced mechanical redemption.

Sonic Dash Extreme features its amazing graphics on a huge 55" high definition vertical screen and accented with two large colour changing “Sonic Rings” on the left and right makes Sonic Dash Extreme a stunning cabinet. The player control is a novelty oversized thumb controller that players will instantly recognise from home console games.

The game takes players on a high-speed track filled with obstacles and more than a few valuable rings. They must avoid obstacles and collect as many rings as they can before reaching the goal. Once there, they need to destroy the Evil Dr. Eggman to get the jackpot bonus!

Did we say Sega was bringing Sonic to a whole new level? With Sonic Blast Ball in an impressive cabinet with vertical playfield, players are mesmerised by a ball whizzing around the four sides of it. By use of a single large lit button players open gates at the top of the playfield allowing the ball to drop into play, the goal being to open the gates just at the right time, so the ball drops through a bonus ring that oscillates left to right in front of them. This quick, simple game appeals to all ages and is the perfect addition to any FEC or game room.

With so much going on with Sonic ‘Blasting and Dashing’ be sure to make it to Sega's booth 1606 and visit our friendly team at Sega on 17th to 20th November at the Orange County Convention centre in Orlando, Florida.