Let Your Players Have A Blast!

Sega’s Sonic Blast Ball Ticket Redemption Game is Shipping Now! Sonic turns 25 this year and over that time, he’s managed to create a $1 billion dollar franchise making him one of - if not the - most valuable gaming franchise ever. Sega Amusements International is taking advantage of his celebrity by lending his likeness to a wide variety of Amusement Games.

The latest to arrive is Blast Ball – a fast paced stop-action game that challenges a player’s reaction time and awards them with a 1,000 ticket bonus if they’re good enough.

Gameplay starts with a ball racing around the perimeter of a vertical playfield pushed on a cushion of air. Players use a large “Blast Ball” button to open a series of gates at the top of the playfield. If timed correctly, the ball will drop through a side-to-side moving target. Doing so starts the Jackpot Wheel spinning. Players hit the “Blast Ball” button again to get the wheel to stop on the Jackpot Bonus. “The game creates that ‘I know I can do it’ attitude in players that’s so important in generating repeat play,” said Sega’s senior sales manager, Vince Moreno. “Game play is intuitive and fast paced resulting in an exhilarating experience that’s easily understood yet tantalizingly difficult to master.”

Click Here to see Sonic Blast Ball and the rest of our lineup of “Team Sonic” Product recently displayed at IAAPA 2015.

Production units are now available for immediate delivery. Contact your Sega Sales Representative or Local Authorized Sega Amusements International Distributor.

Shipping Dimensions:

890mm Deep, 1040mm Wide, 2210mm High and 283kg Weight.

36” Deep, 42” Wide, 87” High and 624 Pounds Weight.

Assembled Dimensions:

890mm Deep, 1040mm Wide, 2100mm High and 250kg Weight.

35” Deep, 41” Wide, 83” High and 552 Pounds Weight.

For further information contact Sega on +44 (0)208 391 8090 or sales.arcade@sega.com