Tokio VR Launch at ACOS Show

Since the advent of the Oculus Rift VR headset, interest in virtual reality technology has seen a tremendous upsurge.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the fully immersive 360-degree media experience is the way forward for visual content creators the world over. Every media industry from filmmakers, to video game developers, and software developers to the casual YouTuber are hard at work adding to the ever increasing bank of 360-degree media content that is already available!

Many expensive VR headsets are now available in the market place, however the Tokio VR headset stands out from the crowd by making use of current mobile phone technology. The Tokio VR uses a specially designed lens and a secure mobile phone compartment, offering users a 360-degree media experience through their own mobile phones. Compatible with both Android and iOS, the device also features a Bluetooth controller which pairs to the users mobile device so they can control the content whilst their device is within the cradle.

Sega Prize is incredibly excited to be unveiling this device for the first time at ACOS in Chelsea, London from Wednesday 12th – 13th of October 2016 on Stand 82. Please come and experience the Tokio VR in person to really discover the truly immersive experience of 360-degree media content! The Tokio VR will be available from the end of October, please pre-order today to avoid any disappoint.

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