Pre-Loved Games Set High Benchmark For Quality

Second-hand games are an integral part of the amusement trade and Sega Amusements International has carved its place in this sector of the market by refurbishing games from its London workshop that are as “good as new”. The company, with a cheeky sense of humour, calls these second-hand games “Pre-Loved”!

General Manger Justin Burke explained the philosophy behind Sega’s involvement in this area of the market “When we started selling direct into the marketplace we had to consider trade-ins and second-hand sales, it’s part of the currency of trading. But we didn’t want to be 'just another seller' of second-hand games we wanted to be the best! Thus we set out our stall quite simply by refurbishing all machines that go through our workshop to an ‘as new’ standard. This allowed us to be different and set a high benchmark; over time customers who have bought from us come back time and time again. Our reputation is now the best in the business”.

The Sega workshop handles machines of all ages and manufacturers and ships them all over the world. Peter Murphy, General Manager of STS, oversees the operation added “we have a very strict checklist to work through to get the games to such a high standard. Old games coming into the workshop are stripped down to their bare basics; PCs are rebuilt, monitors upgraded, paintwork taken back to bare metal and re-sprayed, etc…”

On several occasions Sega reported that customers have, upon receipt of their game, phoned in to say they have been sent the wrong game; the customers ordered a Pre-Loved game and thought they had been sent a new one! “This is the testament to the high standards” added Burke.
A prime example as can be seen in the photographs here is a Sega Rally 2 Twin; a game aged 18 years old. The game arrived at Sega’s workshop looking like it was ready to be scrapped. The results, however, show a different story with the game looking “like new”!

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