Sega Prize At Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2016

It is clear that licensed character brands are in huge demand in Amusements from big hit children’s shows like "Paw Patrol" to cinematic blockbusters “The Secret Life of Pets”. Every year Sega Prize International attends the Las Vegas Licensing Expo in search of the latest and greatest new character brands, by partnering with highly marketed and recognisable stories and characters, we intend to provide our customers with the best possible products and ROI.

This year's Licensing Expo was a fantastically busy event, with huge mergers between NBC Universal and Dreamworks to take on the likes of the consumer products giant Disney, the battle is now on to see who can capture the attention of audiences all around the globe as the coveted hot new trend! Every major licensing company was out in force and eager to promote their brands and characters, enormous budgets are dedicated to producing the most impressive double story trade show masterpieces to demonstrate hierarchy within the industry. From CBS building a 15ft Starship Enterprise above there stand to celebrate the anniversary of Star Trek to Dreamworks Animation recreating the magical world from their upcoming blockbuster Trolls, every stand is heavily themed and impressively eye-catching.

Celebrity appearances from the likes of Justin Timberlake, the characters from the Angry Birds Movie and every other current animated character you can name were promoting licenses as the next big hit. The big question is "what will be the next big hit?” well the answer is no one really knows for sure. Licensing experts say, “ They can come from anywhere and everywhere, you can never tell, no matter what the budget is, nothing is a sure thing. One year it can be a popular app game, the next year an entertainment brand and who knows next year it may be a phenomenal meme!"

However with a fantastic track record of producing plush for Hello Kitty, Sonic The Hedgehog, Plants vs. Zombies, Doodle Jump and more recently the hit Cebeebies' show Boj! Sega Prize always partners with brands that are well marketed with excellent consumer visibility and hold strong positive brand awareness, so that we can offer our customer the best possible return on their investments. With some fantastic meetings under our belt at this year's show, we look forward to unveiling some of our brand new licensed products at EAG 2017.

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