Sonic's 25th Anniversary

This year is set to be a tremendous year for Sega as it celebrates the 25th Anniversary of its iconic mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog. With his unique charm, energy and charisma Sonic is easily one of the most recognisable game characters in the world.

“June 23rd officially marks Sonic’s birthday and as we are celebrating his 25th Anniversary this year we wanted to something special. So we launched two fantastic new redemption games and re-branded existing games. Ultimately we wanted to give our customers new games that bring Sonic's unique character, long heritage and strong following back to arcades." commented Justin Burke, General Manager at Sega.

Sonic Dash Extreme a fast paced video redemption game which sees players control Sonic or his friends to dash along the track to collect as many rings as possible. Quick thinking and fast reactions sees players get to the end of the track where they have to challenge the Evil Dr. Eggman to get the jackpot bonus. Sonic Dash Extreme features amazing graphics on a huge 55" high definition vertical screen and accented with two large colours changing “Sonic Rings” on the left and right makesSonic Dash Extreme a stunning cabinet. The player control is a novelty oversized thumb controller that players will instantly recognise from home console games.

Sonic Blast Ball in an impressive cabinet with a vertical playfield, where players are mesmerised by a ball whizzing around the four sides of it. By use of a single large lit button players open gates at the top of the playfield allowing the ball to drop into play, the goal being to open the gates just at the right time, so the ball drops through a bonus ring that oscillates left to right in front of them. This quick, simple game appeals to all ages and is the perfect addition to any FEC or game room.

The immense popularity of Sonic has seen tremendous success of Sega’s famous Sonic All-stars Air Hockey and Basketballs games. This year the classic redemption games have been revitalised with the latest imagery from the Sonic design team in Japan. The updated livery delivers a more colourful and dynamic appearance that is sure to keep these games on top of the sellers list for years to come!

All Sonic games are now available for immediate delivery. Contact your Sega directly on +44 (0)208 391 8090 or +1 (847) 364-9787 or email us on or your local Authorized Sega Distributor for more information.