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EMEA News: Sun, Seaside and Sega

Sega have always viewed the great British seaside as one of the key barometers on the world amusement trade. “Whilst around the world there are many styles of operation the UK seaside arcade has it all under one roof”, explains Sega’s Justin Burke, “it’s all there, every style of machine you can imagine, and as such is of key importance to us at Sega as a source of knowledge and experience – as without doubt the operators in this sector are some of the most imaginative, creative and experienced in the world.

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EMEA News: Tokio Sound XL

The Tokio Sound XL seamlessly connects wirelessly with your smartphone, tablet and laptop devices via sophisticated Bluetooth technology, providing you with crystal clear 2.1CH dynamic sound and powerful bass. This beautifully crafted sound box measuring 20cm(H) x 20cm(W) x 20cm(D) with a minimalist design couldn’t be any easier to use on the move featuring up to 10 hours of play time plus a handy leatherette handle for portability!

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EMEA News: Hello Kitty Sequin Bag

As we celebrate 40 years since her first appearance, the Hello Kitty brand is still one of the most popular and recognisable icons of all time. Her ageless image and all that she represents as a lifestyle resonates just as strongly today as it ever has, continually captivating an eccentric and devoted global fan base with a never-ending thirst for everything Hello Kitty.

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Hello Kitty Air Hockey

Sega is very excited to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary. Since her first appearance as a coin purse, Hello Kitty has become a global phenomenon as one of the most popular characters of our generation. Hello Kitty has always inspired happiness, friendship and sharing across the world. Keeping in line with that 40 year tradition, Sega developed the Hello Kitty Air Hockey that stays true to her humble beginnings.

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EMEA News: STS Change Machines

With Whitsun just around the corner, make sure that your location has enough STS changers to enhance the cash in your machines.

It is at this time of year when we notice a big increase in sales of our CM range of 2 pence and 10p change machines, and to this end we make sure that we have adequate stock to meet customer demand. But don’t leave it too late to order as these products are in high demand at this time of the year.

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Showdown‘s Showing Up!

Sega’S New Showdown Smash-Em-Up Driving Game Is Shipping Now!

About Showdown

Racing games are a popular format for video games – have been since 1974 when Atari introduced “Gran Trak 10”. Almost every racing game since has been confined to a track with the goal of getting to the finish line faster than your opponent. That’s all fine and good but it’s starting to feel a bit “Been there, done that”… SEGA decided it’s time for a change.

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EMEA News: Service at the heart of Sega Service Centre!

Sega Service Centre (SSC) is leading the way in customer service and satisfaction. Delivering premier In-house repairs & technical support the team provides much-needed support to their customers and distributors worldwide. Keeping machine downtime to a minimum the team works rapidly to get the majority of repairs turned around within two days offering a 90-day workmanship guarantee on all repaired boards.

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EMEA News: Get that Golden return with Gold Fishin‘

The “Skill Wall” grows again with the addition of yet another fantastic carnival classic redemption game Gold Fishin'.

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EMEA News: Sega Prize Launches 2015 Catalogue!

We at Sega Prize are really excited to launch our catalogue for the 2015 season. Over the last year we have once again been working away to bring you the hottest trend setting and must have products for your operations.

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EMEA News: Skill Wall - All you need to know!

The now familiar term “Skill Wall” is fast becoming as well used as Redemption, Crane or Pusher – and rapidly becoming the next big thing in the FEC sector. Since its arrival just two years ago FEC operators are looking to implement the skill wall’s winning formula in their location.

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