The Barbie brand holds a 57 year legacy as the worlds No.1 selling doll of all time. As a strong female role model, Barbie is supported by Mattels huge marketing strategy and continues to dominate the retail space. Through her fashion collaborations and the incredibly successful “You can be anything” campaign the Barbie brand is stronger and more popular than ever before. The Barbie Fashionista collection features three hairstyles including the iconic Barbie Ponytail, beautifully embroidered facial detailing, luxuriously soft plush fabrics and of course she is dressed in six of her most stunning outfits. Every outfit is constructed from fine cottons and glittery materials.
Product Info
  • Product Name | Barbie
  • Product Size | 22cm
  • Product Code | 312426
  • Product Assortment | 8 Designs
  • Carton Quantity | 48 pcs


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